Do you support different languages & accents?

Izitext is built for multilingual support. While uploading your file to izitext, you can choose whichever language you want izitext to transcribe for you. 

Now we are supporting the below languages: 

  1. Gulf Arabic (ar-AE) 
  2. Modern Standard Arabic (ar-SA) 
  3. Mandarin Chinese - Mainland (zh-CN) 
  4. Dutch (nl-NL) 
  5. Australian English (en-AU) 
  6. British English (en-GB) 
  7. Indian English (en-IN) 
  8. Irish English (en-IE) 
  9. Scottish English (en-AB) 
  10. US English (en-US) 
  11. Welsh English (en-WL) 
  12. Spanish (es-ES) 
  13. US Spanish (es-US) 
  14. French (fr-FR) 
  15. Canadian French (fr-CA) 
  16. Farsi (fa-IR) 
  17. German (de-DE) 
  18. Swiss German (de-CH) 
  19. Hebrew (he-IL) 
  20. Indian Hindi (hi-IN) 
  21. Indonesian (id-ID) 
  22. Italian (it-IT) 
  23. Japanese (ja-JP) 
  24. Korean (ko-KR) 
  25. Malay (ms-MY) 
  26. Portuguese (pt-PT) 
  27. Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) 
  28. Russian (ru-RU) 
  29. Tamil (ta-IN) 
  30. Telugu (te-IN) 
  31. Turkish (tr-TR) 

If you don't see your desired language here, please contact us so we can pin your request in our development roadmap.

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