How to transcribe a Zoom meeting?

Izitext can get your Zoom Meeting transcribed in no time! Just follow these steps: 

  1. Record the call. You can find the record button on the lower right side of the screen.
  2. End the call and save the recording. When the meeting is done, simply end it. The recorded video will automatically be saved at “My Documents > Zoom.” 
  3. Log in to Izitext. You can do so here
  4. Select your Zoom meeting recording. After logging in, click “New Upload.” You can select your Zoom meeting file by browsing through your files or dragging the file to the dotted box. After selecting your file, wait for Izitext to process them. Then, click “Submit” to have them transcribed. 
  5. Let Izitext transcribe your file. While Izitext is transcribing, you can focus on your other tasks or simply just relax! When the transcript is ready, Izitext will just notify you through the platform and through your account email address. 
  6. Edit your transcript. Double-click the file title to be directed to Izitext’s Editor. You can then conveniently edit your transcript with full access to all of Izitext’s features! 
  7. Export the transcript. When you’ve made all your final touches, you can export your transcript to your desired format and specifications!
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