How to transcribe a Skype meeting?

Izitext can get your Skype Meeting transcribed in no time! Just follow these steps: 

  1. Record the call. When you’ve started the meeting, click the button with three dots that you can find at the button of the screen. It will lead you to more options. Then, you can click “Start Recording.” 
  2. Conclude the meeting and save your recording. After ending the meeting, the video recording of your Skype meeting can be found in the meeting’s chat. To download the meeting recording, simply open it then click the three dots which you can find on the upper right part. Choose “Save to Downloads.” 
  3. Sign in to Izitext. If it’s your first time using Izitext, you can easily sign up here
  4. Upload your Skype meeting. Once you’ve logged in, simply click on “New Upload” to be directed to the page where you can upload your files. You can upload by browsing through your documents or dragging the file into the dotted box. Afterward, click “Submit” so that Izitext could proceed to transcribe your files. 
  5. Wait for Izitext to finish the transcription. After submitting the file, Izitext would proceed to transcribe it immediately. Simply wait for Izitext to notify you when the transcript is ready to be edited. 
  6. Edit and Export your transcript. Once the transcript is ready, simply double-click the title of the file. You will then be directed to Izitext’s Editor where you can freely and conveniently edit the transcript. When you’re done, you can simply export your transcript with your desired format! 
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