How to use the Editor?

Izitext’s Editor is loaded with features that make editing easier than ever! Here are the features that you can make use of as you edit your transcript: 

  1. Word Tracing. By simply clicking the word in the transcript, you will automatically be directed to the part of the audio file that it matches. The same goes for when you click the part of the audio file. The specific word will also be highlighted as the audio plays. 
  2. Editor. You can freely edit, remove and add words without messing up the automated timestamps. You can also separate and merge sentences while keeping the timestamps intact. 
  3. Mark Complete. Once done with a specific part of the transcript, you can mark that part as complete by ticking the checkbox beside the specific paragraph! 
  4. Highlight and Strikethrough. You can highlight or add strikethrough to a particular word or phrase that you want to emphasize. Simply select the word or phrase then click on the Highlight or Strikethrough buttons that you can find at the upper left part of the screen.
  5. Add notes. You can easily add a note when you need to by clicking the note icon beside the checkbox. You can also view all your notes by clicking the “Notes” button on the upper left part of the screen.
  6. Edit Timestamps. Timestamps can easily be edited by clicking on the specific timestamp and adjusting it. You can also separate a paragraph into two different timestamps by simply pressing “Enter” on your keyboard. 
  7. Check Confidence Level. Izitext lets you know how confident Izitext is in the transcript’s accuracy. Click on “Quality” to know how confident Izitext is. Click on “Show Confidence” to see the parts of the transcript that have low or fair confidence. You can then focus on editing these parts. 
  8. Edit Speaker Labels. Izitext automatically labels speakers as “Speaker 1”, “Speaker 2” and so on. If you want to change the speaker labels, you can easily do so by clicking on the speaker label then editing it.
  9. Export. You can export your transcript to your desired format and specifications. You can choose how you want the timestamps to appear, whether you want timestamps to be included, whether you want speaker labels to be included, and more. 

Here are other features that come with Izitext’s automated transcription services: 

  1. Automated Punctuation. Izitext automates the punctuation in the transcript so you don’t have to start from scratch. If changes need to be made, you can simply edit it conveniently.
  2. Automated Timestamps. Each part of the transcript is chunked into different paragraphs and grouped according to timestamps and speaker labels. 
  3. Automated Speaker Labeling. Parts of the transcript are broken down into shorter paragraphs according to the timestamps and the speaker labels. 
  4. Can Transcribe Multiple Files At The Same Time. You simply need to select and upload all the files you want to get transcribed. Izitext will notify you when each file is ready to be edited. 
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