How does Izitext work?

Izitext is very simple to use!

Once you've signed in to Izitext, you can upload your audio or video file to the platform by clicking the button New upload. In case you want to organize your files in folders, click New folder first and then upload your files. 

Once you clicked New upload, you will enter in Upload page, drop the files you want to transcribe in the Drop here area, or Browse the files from your computer. 

Check your file type before uploading to make sure that your file type is eligible for our system.

Once the upload is finished, you can choose the Language to transcribe and the Maximum number of speakers existing in the speech. This action helps our AI get a more accurate transcription. Please remember that our AI can only transcribe one language at one time.

Then, click Submit on the top right corner of your screen to start transcribing. Izitext will then convert your files to text in significantly lesser time compared to the actual length of the file. 

When the transcript is ready, Izitext will notify you through the platform and through your account email address. At the same time, your file's Status will change from TRANSCRIBING to READY. Then, you can proceed to conveniently edit your transcript with Izitext's Editor.

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